Subtle Makeup ….

For me, the type of foundation I wear really depends on what kind of skin day I am having. I try to stick to my skincare routine and drink a lot of water. When I am having a good skin day I don’t really feel like wearing much makeup and so for me powder foundation is the perfect way to celebrate! Minimal makeup feels like a dream on my face – lightweight and barely there. I wanted to share with you why I’ve been loving the occasional light dust of powder instead of my higher coverage liquid foundation as of late…. Continue reading Subtle Makeup ….

Outfit Post… Fabulous Feet

It seems odd to think that what we wear on our feet can make such a difference to our well-being, mood and energy levels but it is so important to wear the right footwear! I have had problems with my knee for a while now and whilst I don’t know what caused it I can only try to look after my knees by wearing the right things on my feet! I walk across London often and when I do I am most likely to be carrying a violin on my back! It can get pretty tiring, especially when the walk is up to 40 minutes in busy rush hour madness…. Continue reading Outfit Post… Fabulous Feet

February SourcedBox

February SourcedBox has been a mixed bag. I liked the majority of products and some I wasn’t as overwhelmed with as others. Overall, there were some real gems in there and I’ve yet again discovered some new and exciting brands to haul my healthy shop from! SourcedBox is a healthy snack subscription and you receive about 10 items each month. I think the idea is so great for us busy millennials like! I get so excited to see what arrives each month and because I love snacking this is perfect for me and my boyfriend to share. Continue reading February SourcedBox

The Ups And Downs Of Working From Home

Most of the time my working life is pretty varied. I work from home and I also work around London. I teach violin and I work on my blog and so my CV is pretty ‘pic n mix’ but I love it. I used to work in accounts but since then I have changed from an office job “9-5” to a flexible way of working. But what is it like to be self-employed? Is it better for you? I thought I’d share the pros and cons of being self-employed with my experience of both worlds… Continue reading The Ups And Downs Of Working From Home

Outfit Post … Snuggly Vibes

With the weather still quite wintery, I wanted to celebrate the recent purchase of my gorgeous Jack Wills Ariana Faux Fur Headband. Can we all take a moment to appreciate it’s sheer beauty and cosy purpose. I’ve seen people wearing headbands recently and love this look. I was so delighted when I grabbed this little gem in the recent sales. I’m calling this outfit post “snuggly vibes” because that is exactly how I felt in it. It was a chilly wintery weekend and me and my boyfriend took a nice outing for brunch. I wanted to dress casual and add a few neutral accessories to my outfit….. Continue reading Outfit Post … Snuggly Vibes

Trying Out My Beauty #2

For those of you that read my blog, you will remember me writing a Trying Out My Miniatures #1. It seemed to go done well and I really enjoyed doing it. I discovered some little gems tucked away in my beauty box and it made me appreciate things I actually own and hence I spent less on beauty! So, I have decided to bring it back in February but this time call it trying out my “beauty”… as they ain’t all miniatures! Continue reading Trying Out My Beauty #2

Date Night Reinvented

These days so many of us are swapping that date night out for a leisurely date breakfast or brunch. With budgeting of time and money so common during the week amongst us millennials, the weekend is where we can enjoy a lazy start and a relaxed morning. For me, breakfast out is one of my favourite things to do, followed by a calming walk outside. I think breakfast can be such an exciting meal too with both hot, cold, sweet and savoury options. Breakfast out can be so deluxe too and what a great way to start the day than fuelling up on delicious and nourishing choices. Continue reading Date Night Reinvented

Blogger Recognition Award

It put such a smile on my face when the lovely Milenka from millieonhearts nominated me for this Blogger Recognition Award. I love reading her posts and she has become part of a bunch of very supportive bloggers. I’ve been trying to build up my audience on my blog recently as I love blogging and feel this is what drives me as well as violin teaching. So, I was so excited to see that people are enjoying my blog posts. I think it is a lovely idea to nominate bloggers you love to read and I hope you can discover some new reads from my suggestions. I think blogging is becoming so recognisable now and I hope to reach more people and turn my blog into a professional blog in the near future! Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

January Favourites

It’s time for some January favourites! I feel January is a month of trying new things and fresh starts! I hope you have all had a great month. It has been a cold month and hence I have wrapped up warm with knitwear and faux fur. I have many favourites this month because I have been loving lots of things. I posted a Trying Out My Miniatures Blog post at the start of January and have found some hidden gems amongst them! I have also been enjoying skincare, food and fashion. I hope you enjoy my favourites this month! Continue reading January Favourites