Activities To Do On A Budget

The Autumn leaves are falling and Winter is fast approaching. With lots of events happening this time of year and little money to spend, I thought I would write an Activities To Do On A Budget blog post. You may (or may not be) planning for the Festive Season… and that includes saving money over the coming weeks to enjoy it to the full. Surely this is the best time of year to make the most of the simple things in life and what we already have. I hope you find these ideas useful. Continue reading Activities To Do On A Budget


Being An Introvert

Being an introvert has all these hurdles attached that living a life as one has to be taken in a different stance to someone who is not one. Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean shyness and so much stigma is attached to this. It means however that being around a lot of busyness and noise can tire us out and all we need is rest and a little quiet time. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you found yourself exhausted by a quiet catch up with a group of friends? Or have you found that busy shopping centre a little too overwhelming? Continue reading Being An Introvert

My Morning Routine

I love knowing other people’s morning routines and so I thought I would write one myself. This routine is a weekday one but it is generally the same at the weekends but just a bit slower paced. I hope you enjoy reading it! I probably take too long to do things in the morning but I find this order works for me and we are all individuals so the art is to find a routine that is best for you. Continue reading My Morning Routine

Favourite Shoreditch Spots

I used to live in Central London and so I have visited Shoreditch quite often. Now that I have moved to a different part of London, I thought that I would create this blog as a little reminder of what is on offer for memories sake but also to help anyone visiting the area and wondering where to explore. There are so many cool and amazing places to visit in Shoreditch and I hope this blog demonstrates that. Continue reading Favourite Shoreditch Spots

How To Pack

As I am writing this blog, I am sitting in a room of boxes ready for moving things across to the new residence. The whole prospect of moving to a different part of London is so exciting but it does come with a lot of stressful times… and part of that includes the mammoth task of packing. For a one bedroom flat, we didn’t think we had a lot of belongings but even we are struggling to find enough hours in the day to get everything done. That said, working as a team has been so lovely… as well as playing music in the background to dance along to whilst putting things into boxes. Continue reading How To Pack

The Perfect Pamper Evening

An evening to yourself… your choice of film, pamper products at the ready, your choice of dinner…. bliss! Sometimes we all need a little pamper and time to let our thoughts feel less cluttered, as busy millennials. As much as I love to be around people, sometimes an evening to myself is all I need to feel more relaxed and refreshed. Then, I can enjoy meeting up with friends and family all the more. For me, when I visit people I like to be dedicated to giving them my full attention and so that can be quite exhausting when you have a busy multi-tasking brain. Here are my tips on how to have a perfect evening. Continue reading The Perfect Pamper Evening

How To Spend A Weekend In Brighton…

Brighton is becoming one of my favourite seaside getaways. Being around an hour travel from London by train, it makes it the perfect place to escape for a weekend. I recently went to Brighton for a birthday surprise planned by my boyfriend and it was so lovely and relaxing. We had been to Brighton before and so knew a few places to visit…. which mostly involved eating, relaxing and strolling along the beautiful pebbled beach. So, I thought I would write about my top picks from spending a weekend in Brighton. These I think you will like… Continue reading How To Spend A Weekend In Brighton…

How To Budget

I feel like I am an expert at budgeting now since changing my career path a few years ago. I have always been a savvy person but until recently I have not had to be so cautious of what I spend. Now, I have to budget a LOT so that I don’t run out of money each month. I don’t have a massive pay check to live on. Hopefully this will improve in the future but until then I thought I would share my tips on how to spend smart and make sure you know where you are at with how much you have left in the bank each month. Continue reading How To Budget