Healthy Snacks Haul

For those of you that recognise my monthly SourcedBox reviews, you may know that I love discovering new healthy snacks to eat. I prefer to find things that contain natural ingredients and ones that aren’t packed full of unhealthy refined sugars. I just find these foods make me feel better, are just as yummy and give me more energy throughout the day. We were running low on snacks and whilst I sometimes make my own I fancied doing a mini “SourcedBox” of my own. Me and my boyfriend discovered this healthy shop called As Nature Intended and we found some great things to try. Continue reading Healthy Snacks Haul

What I Eat In A Day

I love seeing what other people eat during their day, especially for getting ideas of snacks and meals to try myself. Today I thought I would treat you to an insight into what I eat during a typical day. Obviously, every day is different and some days I will eat less, other days more. Hopefully this will give you some ideas into what to munch on when you are hungry! I’d love to hear what you eat too so feel free to leave comments on your “What I eat in a day”…. Continue reading What I Eat In A Day

March Favourites

March has been a great month. Spring is finally here and I’m loving the fresh and sunny days we are having in the UK at the moment. A lot of my favourites are a mix of beauty and food this month. I’ve discovered some gems again and can’t wait to share them with you. On another exciting note, I went to my first blogging event this month and although I could only make the end of it, it was so amazing to go and also to meet other bloggers! Continue reading March Favourites

Deluxe Granola Recipe

I’ve been really enjoying healthy breakfasts lately – from porridge to granola to muesli! I stumbled on Madeleine Shaw’s granola recipe and thought I would adapt it and use whatever I had in my cupboards. The outcome was delicious! I will definitely be making this again for sure! It was too good to keep quiet about so I thought I would blog and share the recipe with you! I put lots of nutritious nuts, seeds and raw cacao in it to create a yummy and healthy way to start the day. I hope you enjoy it!… Continue reading Deluxe Granola Recipe

February SourcedBox

February SourcedBox has been a mixed bag. I liked the majority of products and some I wasn’t as overwhelmed with as others. Overall, there were some real gems in there and I’ve yet again discovered some new and exciting brands to haul my healthy shop from! SourcedBox is a healthy snack subscription and you receive about 10 items each month. I think the idea is so great for us busy millennials like! I get so excited to see what arrives each month and because I love snacking this is perfect for me and my boyfriend to share. Continue reading February SourcedBox

Date Night Reinvented

These days so many of us are swapping that date night out for a leisurely date breakfast or brunch. With budgeting of time and money so common during the week amongst us millennials, the weekend is where we can enjoy a lazy start and a relaxed morning. For me, breakfast out is one of my favourite things to do, followed by a calming walk outside. I think breakfast can be such an exciting meal too with both hot, cold, sweet and savoury options. Breakfast out can be so deluxe too and what a great way to start the day than fuelling up on delicious and nourishing choices. Continue reading Date Night Reinvented

January Favourites

It’s time for some January favourites! I feel January is a month of trying new things and fresh starts! I hope you have all had a great month. It has been a cold month and hence I have wrapped up warm with knitwear and faux fur. I have many favourites this month because I have been loving lots of things. I posted a Trying Out My Miniatures Blog post at the start of January and have found some hidden gems amongst them! I have also been enjoying skincare, food and fashion. I hope you enjoy my favourites this month! Continue reading January Favourites

January SourcedBox

The moment I receive my SourcedBox each month I get so excited. Not only are all the snacks so healthy, they normally taste amazing and it has made me discover so many new brands. I can’t recommend it enough! Me and my boyfriend share the box each month and so it doesn’t work out too expensive It is also great if you don’t like a snack as you only have to eat half (although this doesn’t happen too often…)! I kind of wished I had my own box when I really like the silky and rich chocolate they put inside certain months…. ha-ha! Continue reading January SourcedBox

My Gran’s Coffee And Walnut Cake

This is a special recipe for me because it is my Gran’s coffee and walnut loaf cake. I think she made it up of various recipes but she always added milk to her cakes and so I have kind of kept the tradition too! I found the recipe amongst my recipe cards and just had to bake it! I love the fact that I still have the ingredients written in her handwriting! She used to make this most weeks and she was a very good baker. She always taught me to never overmix your cakes and she always made her bakes without electrical equipment. For this recipe, I have done the same and I think the result is a lighter and more delicate cake. I will definitely be baking more with the wooden spoon method in future as opposed to an electric whisk! Continue reading My Gran’s Coffee And Walnut Cake