Trying Out My Beauty #3

If you follow my blog you would have seen me post a few “trying out my beauty” posts. I didn’t do one last month but I really missed it so I decided to find some more gems in my beauty stash to try in April. I love hoarding beauty products and forget what I have in my treasure box but these posts make me venture into the unknown and make me discover some great products! I totally recommend this if you are trying to save a bit of money and half the time you have some great products you had forgotten about anyway! Continue reading Trying Out My Beauty #3

April Skincare Routine

Over the last few years I have been developing a skincare routine and finding out which type of products my skin loves…. AND which products it doesn’t. I thought I would share with you my current routine and maybe update you every month or so if it changes and which products I have been trialling. I have dry/sensitive skin. I did think I’d grown out of my sensitive skin but after a little skin meh last year I have learnt that I definitely have not. Continue reading April Skincare Routine

Beauty Haul

I decided to do a little beauty haul… Whilst I have been trying to use up my current beauty products there were some items I needed to replace and so I thought it would be nice to discover a few different things I hadn’t tried before. There are a mix of things I’ve heard about and others that had great reviews online so I thought they were worth getting hold of. Here are the purchases I made… Continue reading Beauty Haul

March Favourites

March has been a great month. Spring is finally here and I’m loving the fresh and sunny days we are having in the UK at the moment. A lot of my favourites are a mix of beauty and food this month. I’ve discovered some gems again and can’t wait to share them with you. On another exciting note, I went to my first blogging event this month and although I could only make the end of it, it was so amazing to go and also to meet other bloggers! Continue reading March Favourites

Subtle Makeup ….

For me, the type of foundation I wear really depends on what kind of skin day I am having. I try to stick to my skincare routine and drink a lot of water. When I am having a good skin day I don’t really feel like wearing much makeup and so for me powder foundation is the perfect way to celebrate! Minimal makeup feels like a dream on my face – lightweight and barely there. I wanted to share with you why I’ve been loving the occasional light dust of powder instead of my higher coverage liquid foundation as of late…. Continue reading Subtle Makeup ….

Trying Out My Beauty #2

For those of you that read my blog, you will remember me writing a Trying Out My Miniatures #1. It seemed to go done well and I really enjoyed doing it. I discovered some little gems tucked away in my beauty box and it made me appreciate things I actually own and hence I spent less on beauty! So, I have decided to bring it back in February but this time call it trying out my “beauty”… as they ain’t all miniatures! Continue reading Trying Out My Beauty #2

January Favourites

It’s time for some January favourites! I feel January is a month of trying new things and fresh starts! I hope you have all had a great month. It has been a cold month and hence I have wrapped up warm with knitwear and faux fur. I have many favourites this month because I have been loving lots of things. I posted a Trying Out My Miniatures Blog post at the start of January and have found some hidden gems amongst them! I have also been enjoying skincare, food and fashion. I hope you enjoy my favourites this month! Continue reading January Favourites

Trying Out My Miniatures #1

Too many of us have beauty products in abundance. Free samples, minis from beauty bundles and gifts galore. A secret box of hidden gems under the bed… or minis tucked up in storage on that neglected wardrobe shelf. Is this you? It’s definitely me! Recently I decided to go through my beauty stash and make an effort to try some of these beautiful items out. I often collect little minis for travel and whilst this is so useful, let’s be honest, I don’t travel that much! I made sure I kept back some treasures for travels and investigated what wonders I could treat myself to this month. It is such a fun way of saving pennies without buying full sized versions for a bit to! … Continue reading Trying Out My Miniatures #1