The Perfect Sunday

For me, Sunday is my favourite day of the week. It is time to recharge and a day for getting things done to make the next week run more smoothly. My perfect Sunday involves a slow pace of life and these are things I like to do… Continue reading The Perfect Sunday


My Tips On A Healthy Diet

I like to think I have a fairly balanced diet. It is by no means perfect but I do try to think about what I am eating and make a conscious effort with my choices. I thought I would write a few tips about healthy food and where to start with it all if you are feeling a little overwhelmed. Even if you are doing a few of these things each day to improve, that is a positive! Continue reading My Tips On A Healthy Diet

A Week Of Autumnal Lipsticks

I finally unpacked my full makeup collection since moving home and this included my beautiful lipsticks… My Most Worn Lipsticks blog post went down pretty well and so I thought I would write an Autumnal lipstick post. I have been lazy in terms of wearing a lip colour of late and I wanted this post to be a celebration of lipsticks. I chose one for each day of the week to feel more Autumnal and more motivated with my makeup. Here are my Autumnal picks…. Continue reading A Week Of Autumnal Lipsticks

Brunch Diaries Blåbär

Blåbär is a little treasure I have just discovered in South West London. It’s ethos promotes Nordic living full of style and a calm environment. The perfect mix of balance between luxury and affordability is the heart of this café. There is also a focus on sustainability in the products that Blåbär sells which is wonderful. The slower pace of life when you enter is perfect for a weekend brunch. Continue reading Brunch Diaries Blåbär

Trying Out My Beauty #7

I haven’t written one of these blog posts in a while but I’ve really missed doing them and so I thought I would write one for October! I haven’t been able to get to most of my beauty in ages because it was in bags from moving home. But, now we have got some more storage available, I have been able to rescue it! I have picked some products out to try this month that I had saved for a rainy day. I love choosing some trial products out each month and I have so many miniatures that I packed during the move… It makes me realise how I should use things and enjoy them rather than keeping them for a special occasion. Continue reading Trying Out My Beauty #7

Activities To Do On A Budget

The Autumn leaves are falling and Winter is fast approaching. With lots of events happening this time of year and little money to spend, I thought I would write an Activities To Do On A Budget blog post. You may (or may not be) planning for the Festive Season… and that includes saving money over the coming weeks to enjoy it to the full. Surely this is the best time of year to make the most of the simple things in life and what we already have. I hope you find these ideas useful. Continue reading Activities To Do On A Budget

Being An Introvert

Being an introvert has all these hurdles attached that living a life as one has to be taken in a different stance to someone who is not one. Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean shyness and so much stigma is attached to this. It means however that being around a lot of busyness and noise can tire us out and all we need is rest and a little quiet time. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you found yourself exhausted by a quiet catch up with a group of friends? Or have you found that busy shopping centre a little too overwhelming? Continue reading Being An Introvert