Date Night Makeup Look

I love going out for dinner and getting ready is all part of the experience. Me and my boyfriend decided to have a little “date night” and I always enjoy doing my hair and makeup for them. I decided to keep it fairly low key as it was still a hot summer’s day. So, I chose items like SPF and powder foundation, instead of a heavy liquid base. My skin had been quite good that day and so I didn’t want to put too much makeup on. That said, I think I have created a look that makes it seem like I have made a little more effort. I am loving the Eylure Fleur De Force Brow Launch at the moment and decided to make my brows more of a feature. I love the way that good brows can elevate an eye look and give me a little more confidence boost whilst enjoying a cheeky cocktail. I also rediscovered my gorgeous “Birthday Suit” eye palette by Tanya Burr. The shades in this are lovely and they blend really beautifully. Continue reading Date Night Makeup Look


Lemon Polenta Cakes

We are moving home soon… I’m so excited! With that in mind I’ve been trying to use up food we have in the cupboards and I thought I would use some polenta to make little fairy cakes! I haven’t done any baking in a while but I really enjoy it when I have the time. We all deserve the occasional treat too! I got out my baking items and got started on these lemon polenta fairy cakes. The texture of them was divine with the moist lemon and crumbly polenta. You need to try these. I went all out on the lemon too and put it in the glaze AND icing. I hope you enjoy the recipe! Continue reading Lemon Polenta Cakes

The Importance Of Using SPF

Summer is in full swing and the beautiful sun rays are a constant reminder that we must look after our skin. Skin damage is all too common and although you may not be able to visibly see all the damage, constant exposure to UVA and UVB rays can be worrying. By protecting your skin, you can prolong the ageing process and help to maintain healthier skin. I’m not saying “stay indoors” as vitamin D that we need from being outside is important too. That’s the beauty about SPF, we can put our mind at ease and we can still enjoy the beautiful outdoors happily. Continue reading The Importance Of Using SPF

SourcedBox Review June 2017

SourcedBox is still surprising me with their delicious healthy featured snacks and when I opened the June box I couldn’t wait to dive right in and try the yummy products. The Ombar chocolate straight away stood out to me and I felt this month there were a bright array of different products amongst the bunch. I love subscription boxes like this and it is such a great way of trying products which are hard to get hold of or are things I would not have normally chosen myself. See my thoughts below… Continue reading SourcedBox Review June 2017

Fleur De Force Brow Launch Review

When I entered a brow launch giveaway by Fleur de Force, I never thought I would actually win it! You can imagine my excitement when I found out. I was practically telling everyone as I never win things normally hehe! This giveaway was so generous – I won all 3 shades of her new Brow Palette and Brow Tamer in collaboration with Eylure. I also received an amazing Eylure Brush and Wand Duo. I suit the shade ‘light” and I’m sure my friends will appreciate trying out the other shades to spread the fabulous Fleur brow love. Continue reading Fleur De Force Brow Launch Review

June 2017 Favourites

June has been a month of ups and downs for me. One highlight was my birthday trip to Brighton which was so relaxing. I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip in one of my recent blogs. I’m hoping July will be a little less stressful though as we have had to deal with a few flat issues, amongst starting our search to find somewhere else to live. I’ve found some great favourites though this month – items to add that bit of sparkle into my day when things have become a little too much. I love all these choices so much and I think they represent perfect summer vibes. Continue reading June 2017 Favourites