Summer Goals

I always like reading other people’s blogs about their goals and how they are planning to achieve them. I feel like there are so many things swirling around in my head at the moment and I feel writing them down on “paper” will really help me to achieve them! I’m not saying I will achieve all of these ideas but it’s at least something to aspire to and it helps me focus on what I need to do to make them happen. I hope you enjoy reading these types of posts as much as I do… Continue reading Summer Goals

Casual Dinner Makeup Look

Going out for dinner is always such a lovely thing but sometimes I don’t want to look too polished and I prefer a more casual vibe. That said, I still use a few products! However, I love makeup that looks like it is barely there, portraying a more natural appearance. You may have seen my Subtle Makeup Look blog post and whilst this is a perfect low key daytime look, the elements in the look below elevate it to the evening. Continue reading Casual Dinner Makeup Look

SourcedBox Review April 2017

I always love receiving my SourcedBox delivery and the April 2017 SourcedBox did not disappoint. I love doing these monthly SourcedBox reviews, however I thought I would mix things up a little this month and change the format somewhat. I hope you like this new style. Let me know in the comments what you think and whether you prefer it or whether you want me to go back to the old format? Do you still like reading these healthy snacks posts? What would you like out of them? I’m always happy to receive ideas and this is by no means a sponsored post as I do the SourcedBox posts for fun, as I am passionate about healthy eating. So, I want you to enjoy them to! Anyway, enough ramble, let’s begin! Continue reading SourcedBox Review April 2017

Chocolate For Dinner… Rabot 1745

A dinner themed with chocolate… What could be better? Rabot 1745 is one of my favourite eateries in London and why wouldn’t it be when it is Hotel Chocolat’s creation? I hadn’t dined in the evening there before but had tried their Afternoon Tea so I knew I was in for a treat. Me and my boyfriend decided to have a little date night and it was lovely to enjoy fabulous food, that was exciting and delicious. When we go out for dinner we now prefer to choose somewhere memorable and have less dates out… that way it is more special and something to appreciate. We also enjoy cooking at home on a more everyday basis. Continue reading Chocolate For Dinner… Rabot 1745