West End Theatre Wish List

Taking a trip to the theatre can be such a magical experience. There’s nothing better than live music, acting and dancing. I am musical and so my highlight is to hear and see the musicians in the orchestra pit! I really get entranced by the whole production and have huge admiration for all the hard work that goes into theatrical performances.

Whether you are planning a theatre visit soon or want a bit of inspiration I have put together my West End Theatre Wish List. So, let’s get started…


Wind In The Willows

Wind in the Willows reminds me of my childhood and is such an iconic story by Kenneth Grahame. I am so excited that Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes has adapted the storyline to bring it to London’s West End this year, and with actors including Rufus Hound it looks like one worth going to see!

17Image Source

The Lion King

You can’t beat The Lion King when it comes to West End shows. I’ve seen it before but that’s no excuse to see it again! The staging was just brilliant when I went and the music was incredible. It’s still going strong amongst the London theatre scene too!

20Image Source

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Phantom Of The Opera

I just love Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music written for this West End show. I haven’t seen it at the theatre and I’ve only watched the film. I can only imagine how stunning the music and acting would be when seeing a live performance of this!

21Image Source


Aladdin is such a Disney classic and I really want to see a live performance of this at the theatre. I am not scared to admit that I love all the tunes and it is one of my favourite Disney classics. I can only imagine how amazing the numbers such as Arabian Nights and A Whole New World are!

27Image Source

Dream Girls

You can’t get glitzier than Dream Girls. I just love Amber Riley and being emerged in the whole musical experience would be amazing. There are some great songs in this production for sure!

22Image Source


This post was kindly written in collaboration with TheatreTickets.uk.

You can purchase tickets for any of the shows I’ve mentioned and many more here.

Thank you to TheatreTickets.uk for also letting me use some of their images for the purpose of this blog post.


Are you taking a visit to London’s West End soon? What are you hoping to see?





8 thoughts on “West End Theatre Wish List

  1. Aww this is a lovely post that I haven’t really seen before on anyone else’s blog! Dave has always really wanted to see The Lion King so I’m hoping to be able to get some tickets for him if I can save up for them! This post also feels super relevant right now because we watched Birdman last night, which is all about an actor on Broadway! Unfortunately, that’s as far as my experience with theatre goes – so far! It’s just not something that I’ve really gotten into but I know how well respected it is so it would be a lovely thing to get into ☺️ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! You should definitely go and see The Lion King! Owen really wants to see it too! I just love the theatre – you can’t get better than a live show. Everytime I go I always get all the tunes in my head for days! 🙈 😂 xxx


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