March Favourites

March has been a great month. Spring is finally here and I’m loving the fresh and sunny days we are having in the UK at the moment. A lot of my favourites are a mix of beauty and food this month. I’ve discovered some gems again and can’t wait to share them with you. On another exciting note, I went to my first blogging event this month and although I could only make the end of it, it was so amazing to go and also to meet other bloggers! Continue reading March Favourites


Spring Vibes… Outfit Post

This is a very special blog and I can’t wait to share it with you! For this outfit post, my friend Sally took the photos (amazing photographer…) and we had so much fun catching up and relaxing over a cute café lunch in Primrose Hill. If you don’t know Sally, she writes The Makeup Directory. Her blog content really inspires me and her photography is flawless. That’s why I was over the moon when she was going to be taking my photos. The shoot went really well and it was a productive day all round. I would definitely get in touch with her if you are ever considering getting some stunning outfit shots! Continue reading Spring Vibes… Outfit Post

A Spring Clean Wardrobe

Sorting out that cluttered clothing can be a daunting task but I finally got around to looking through my clothes and giving my wardrobe a tidy. If you are anything like me, you will have a lot of clothes! I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I just seen to accumulate them. I haven’t actually bought many clothes in the last year but when something fits and there is nothing wrong with it I can’t bear to part with it! There are even things that date back to my school years in my wardrobe…. which was quite some time ago now! However, I thought enough is enough, let’s sort this out… Continue reading A Spring Clean Wardrobe

Deluxe Granola Recipe

I’ve been really enjoying healthy breakfasts lately – from porridge to granola to muesli! I stumbled on Madeleine Shaw’s granola recipe and thought I would adapt it and use whatever I had in my cupboards. The outcome was delicious! I will definitely be making this again for sure! It was too good to keep quiet about so I thought I would blog and share the recipe with you! I put lots of nutritious nuts, seeds and raw cacao in it to create a yummy and healthy way to start the day. I hope you enjoy it!… Continue reading Deluxe Granola Recipe

Subtle Makeup ….

For me, the type of foundation I wear really depends on what kind of skin day I am having. I try to stick to my skincare routine and drink a lot of water. When I am having a good skin day I don’t really feel like wearing much makeup and so for me powder foundation is the perfect way to celebrate! Minimal makeup feels like a dream on my face – lightweight and barely there. I wanted to share with you why I’ve been loving the occasional light dust of powder instead of my higher coverage liquid foundation as of late…. Continue reading Subtle Makeup ….

Outfit Post… Fabulous Feet

It seems odd to think that what we wear on our feet can make such a difference to our well-being, mood and energy levels but it is so important to wear the right footwear! I have had problems with my knee for a while now and whilst I don’t know what caused it I can only try to look after my knees by wearing the right things on my feet! I walk across London often and when I do I am most likely to be carrying a violin on my back! It can get pretty tiring, especially when the walk is up to 40 minutes in busy rush hour madness…. Continue reading Outfit Post… Fabulous Feet

February SourcedBox

February SourcedBox has been a mixed bag. I liked the majority of products and some I wasn’t as overwhelmed with as others. Overall, there were some real gems in there and I’ve yet again discovered some new and exciting brands to haul my healthy shop from! SourcedBox is a healthy snack subscription and you receive about 10 items each month. I think the idea is so great for us busy millennials like! I get so excited to see what arrives each month and because I love snacking this is perfect for me and my boyfriend to share. Continue reading February SourcedBox