Winter Hot Chocolates

I love a good hot chocolate during winter. I have tried SO many hot chocolates in London but my favourite places always keep me smiling! What is better than a stunning hot chocolate to wrap your frosty winter hands around on a cold winter’s afternoon? I thought I would share with you my top 4 places in London to go to for that cosy hot drink!

Caffe Vergnano 1882
Caffe Vergano 1882 is the best place for a really filling and tasty hot chocolate. The hot chocolate I have there is literally thick liquid chocolate! Such a treat and almost like a dessert! You need to be hungry when you order one! But it is worth it. It is possibly my favourite but I really need the appetite for it.

Le Pain Quotidien
Le Pain Quotidien is possibly the cutest place for hot chocolate in London. In fact it is great for breakfast too! It is so lovely with organic produce and Belgium inspired food. I just love the different types of eggs there and other healthy breakfast items. The Belgium style hot chocolate comes in a cute cup and a side of liquid chocolate to pour into your frothy milk. Utterly divine and quite theatrical!



Carluccios is a chain and so there are also restaurants outside of London which is a big plus! Their hot chocolates are seriously delicious. I love the Cioccolata which is a rich chocolatey drink topped up with steamed milk. It is not too thick chocolate but tastes so luxurious!


Hotel Chocolat
I can’t forget to mention my all time favourite for hot chocolate and that is the Hotel Chocolat café Rabot 1745. If you haven’t been there then you need to go! The hot chocolate is rich, smooth and velvety. It is the ultimate indulgence! My favourites are the hazelnut and salted caramel hot chocolates. So tasty! Their orange and chocolate scones are also incredible!


Where are your favourite places to go for hot chocolate?



23 thoughts on “Winter Hot Chocolates

  1. Oooh I’ll make sure to visit one of these places next time I’m in London! Hotel Chocolat chocolate is just divine so I can imagine how yummy their hot chocolate must be. And we have a Carluccios nearby in Southampton so I’ll have to try it next time! I love hot chocolate that’s quite light and steamed milk on top makes it a bit like a latte! This post just makes me want to make one at home now 🙊 xxx

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    1. Hot chocolate is definitely a guilty pleasure! I really recommend going to the Hotel Chocolat cafe. I’ve also had afternoon tea in the restaurant upstairs which was SO delicious! I think there may be a Carluccio’s near Dorchester too! I also find their prices not too expensive for the quality you get! Hehe hope you make a nice one! xxx


  2. I love a good hot chocolate! Personally, nothing’s beaten Costa hot chocolate for me yet… but that’s because I haven’t explored much! I had a tester of the gingerbread Hotel Chocolat one before Christmas and omg, it tasted so rich but so good! I definitely want to try out the Carluccio one 🙂


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