My Top Travel Tips…

Trains, tubes, buses… we all have to get them at some point in our lives! For me, journeys can be quite stressful but during my experience travelling in London and to other places in the UK, I have picked up a lot of hacks along the way! I thought I’d share with you how I master travelling and my tips to success! Continue reading My Top Travel Tips…


My Gran’s Coffee And Walnut Cake

This is a special recipe for me because it is my Gran’s coffee and walnut loaf cake. I think she made it up of various recipes but she always added milk to her cakes and so I have kind of kept the tradition too! I found the recipe amongst my recipe cards and just had to bake it! I love the fact that I still have the ingredients written in her handwriting! She used to make this most weeks and she was a very good baker. She always taught me to never overmix your cakes and she always made her bakes without electrical equipment. For this recipe, I have done the same and I think the result is a lighter and more delicate cake. I will definitely be baking more with the wooden spoon method in future as opposed to an electric whisk! Continue reading My Gran’s Coffee And Walnut Cake

Outfit Of The Day… Royal Blues

It’s time for another outfit post! This time I used my new Olympus Pen for the photos. I got it for Christmas and I am in love with the quality of the capture. Let me know what you think! Obviously, this is the first time using the camera and so there is a LOT this camera can do that I haven’t discovered yet. Practise makes perfect though and so I hope to take many more up and coming photos with this little gem. Continue reading Outfit Of The Day… Royal Blues

Review… taylor St. Baristas

Hidden in the back streets of Chancery Lane lies a taylor St. café. Taylor St. is a barista that produces exceptional coffee and is one of my favourites in London. The coffee beans are carefully selected and ground to perfection to create the smoothest richest tasting coffee! I only just discovered them recently and they have several baristas dotted around London including the likes of Shoreditch, Bank and Canary Wharf. However, I had never eaten at one of their cafés before. Continue reading Review… taylor St. Baristas

Trying Out My Miniatures #1

Too many of us have beauty products in abundance. Free samples, minis from beauty bundles and gifts galore. A secret box of hidden gems under the bed… or minis tucked up in storage on that neglected wardrobe shelf. Is this you? It’s definitely me! Recently I decided to go through my beauty stash and make an effort to try some of these beautiful items out. I often collect little minis for travel and whilst this is so useful, let’s be honest, I don’t travel that much! I made sure I kept back some treasures for travels and investigated what wonders I could treat myself to this month. It is such a fun way of saving pennies without buying full sized versions for a bit to! … Continue reading Trying Out My Miniatures #1

Reflections Of 2016

I don’t normally do many lifestyle posts on here but I really wanted to write this blog as I feel the last year has been such a rollercoaster for me. In fact, the last few years have been hard but I feel like I’m starting to get to where I want to be and on track with things! I thought it would be nice to look back on the last year and as this is my FIRST post of 2017 mention my aspirations for the New Year ahead. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading Reflections Of 2016