Christmas Markets

Christmas is such a lovely time of year, especially with plenty of exciting things to do! I just love a Christmas market and I love having a nose at all the foodie items in particular. It is definitely a way to feel festive!

There are plenty of markets to choose from. Just type your local area into Google and you will find the perfect festive market to go to! It makes a nice day out with friends and family and can be an economical way of entertaining everyone when Christmas budgets are stretched! There is normally something to suit everyone there and there is plenty of food to try and munch on. I also love buying Christmas presents there that are specialist and unique.

The other day, I checked out the Southbank Centre Christmas Market and it did not disappoint. There were so many stalls ranging from waffles to Christmas lighting. I loved the chocolate coated marshmallow bites in the photos below. The pancakes looked so yummy if I could have fitted them in! I also appreciated how festive it all looked and the lights were stunning. It was thriving with lots of people too. You can also get stocking filler ideas from Christmas markets and these types of gifts are so fun to give and receive.

Here are the best markets in London:

Leicester Square Market

Southbank Centre Market

Tate Modern Market

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Selvedge Advent Festival

The Garage Sale

Monocle Christmas Market

Real Food Christmas Market


What are your favourite markets and festive things to do?



4 thoughts on “Christmas Markets

  1. Aww I love Christmas markets so much! I’ve never been to one in London, though! I planned to go to the Portobello Winter Festival which was supposed to have a big market, too, but couldn’t make it in the end unfortunately. My favourite market is the one in Winchester ☺️ it’s full of handcrafted things! I’ve also heard that the Bath one is amazing too! Cute post! xx

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