Festive Ice Skating

I don’t know about you but I get really excited about the ice skating opportunities around Christmas. If I was sportier, ice skating would be my number one choice of exercise as it’s fun, elegant and actually burns lots of calories! I love going to the pop up rinks around Christmas time and although I am not the best skater I really enjoy going! I used to own roller blades when I was little and so I think my inner child loves to skate.

There are so many great ice rinks to choose from in the country, especially in London. The SKATE rink at Somerset House in London is just stunning. It is so Instagrammable with the Fortnum and Mason Christmas Tree in the Background. The location of being in Central London also makes this really easy to get to on a London day trip! If your dream is to feel festive and have an elegant skate, Somerset House ticks all the boxes!

I love all the extras you get with this ice rink. It is enclosed so you feel like you have entered a Christmas winter wonderland when inside. Fortnum and Mason have also got you covered with a tardis of Christmas shopping, afternoon tea, and a restful stop in their dining facilities. I couldn’t resist the smell of cheese from their restaurant and if I was to go again I would definitely try their luxurious hot chocolate. They even serve hot drinks out of copper mugs – perfect! I just love the sound of this skating package:

Skate, Double Chocolossus Hot Chocolate

If you don’t like skating but are on a family trip, the 18th Century Courtyard is worth appreciating and the whole atmosphere is relaxed and superior. I would also recommend just popping in and taking in the lovely surroundings if after a nice change of scenery in London!

Some other ice rinks in London:

Broadgate Ice Rink

Canary Wharf Ice Rink

Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

JW3 On Ice

Natural History Museum Ice Rink

Thames Frost Fair Christmas Party

Tower of London Ice Rink

Westfield London Ice Rink


What are your favourite ice rinks?



4 thoughts on “Festive Ice Skating

  1. Makes me home sick – no one does Christmas like they do at home:-) Somerset House is beautiful all year, by Christmas is iconic!


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